At this point, I am talking about the moment I am experiencing now, even as I am writing this. Having just entered into this new epoch, I grope in the darkness that comes in the absence of the dawn of any truth. I am, but again, an infant, newborn into this world, and yet to learn to manoeuvre my way through its labyrinthine passages. At the moment, I am unaware of where the exit door to this maze lies, and whence this stage of my writing journey leads to. I don’t know how many more worlds hide in the darkness of my ignorance yet, that I must one day, consequentially cross through, in this quest to reach the heart of this art- to dive to the bottom root of something as bottomless as time.

The infinitely long journey ahead is, at the moment, in the land of thick white mist that only uncertain moments in the future could clear.

I have seen but the little tip of an iceberg. And now begins this journey, to the bottom of the bottomless; to trace along the massive form of the concealed iceberg beyond the depths of my imagination. And there lies in the darkness, the mysteries of life, truth and secrets, that are to be discerned with the descent of every layer…


The end… for now.

31 March 2019

It has been rather long indeed – half a year – since I wrote the last part of this series. Now, after a long chasm of silence, I return. Mostly, I am here to clear my own vague memories of my writing history – to sketch down the abstruse crosses that cleave the map of my sojourn so far across the lands of writing, so as to see for myself the paths I have walked – the mountains of realisation I had climbed, the valleys of despair and anxiety I had fallen into, and the plateaus of stagnation I had been buried beneath.

In the time that lapsed twixt the last epoch and now, much has changed, including mayhaps, the tone of my writing. Yet, here I am again, with much-transformed vigor to continue the story from where I dropped it.

Also, now that I see it unwind this way, I have decided that this series perhaps will remain my diary – of sorts!


To be continued…

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)


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