Imagine, when a silver vein of lightning rips through the pink sheets of sky to pierce the deep indigo ocean in the end of the world. Scintillae of golden flecks sparkle up from the embers of the ocean. Thunder rolls across the bloody sky with its white scar. Two powerful Gods are speaking to Each other. Two lovers cursed to be separated until eternity, transgress their oaths and fall into the temptations of touching each other only once more. The color of love escapes into the twilight and their powerful union brightens the sky, though only for a moment.

But then the Gods speak to each other once more. Thunder growls. The sparkling hand of lighting withdraws. A foreboding tension sweats into the air, making it humid, and poesy pours into the breeze. In a beautiful moment, the sanctity of unspoken love had been scuttled as the young lovers broke free of their iron chains. There was something fascinatingly beautiful and wicked about the moment’s spasm of unfettered love. But the Gods forbade it.

Yonder from the horizon, the ocean begins to crash agitatedly, serenading its woes and yearning. Its hymns dissolve into the infinite sky, and the sky begins to weep miserably, gifting its musical tears to the sea’s songs. Their pain – the hymn and rhythm- collide in mid-air and intertwine, giving birth to a million little children of love that ache to fill the chasm between their parents.

The pain and sorrow of the separated lovers, destined to a parallel love, to walk with each other untill infinity and never to meet once, darkens the Earth. And in the dusky hours of rain, when the wind whistles the melancholy serenade of their yearning, all things grow deep and sad, blessed with the quaint touch of a divine love. An aching enfolds the Earth in its arms.

But the Gods – tormented by their young children’s misery, themselves- shriek out their disapproval. Because sometimes, a love so passionately uncouth ruins life. For what might happen if the sky falls to the ocean and the ocean weaved itself into the sky?


To be continued…

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)


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